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How do I open an account?

We only sell directly to trade companies such as soft furnishing retailers or independents, contractors, fitters and interior design companies.  You may open a trade account with us by completing the create a new account form on our website.  Alternatively we can email you a new account form, when completed please email a copy to fax 0161 736 5456 or post to our company address found on the 'Contact Us' tab

How do I update my account information?

Please contact the sales department, 0161 925 8444, to amend any account information.

How do I place an order?

Using your account details log in via our website and create an order, when you are happy with your selection click on the cart and follow the instructions to pay or complete your order.  If you prefer you may wish to email your order to our sales department or call our sales line telephone number

Outer quantities

All our retail products can be purchased in single units, for example 1 pair or 1 pack, however a surcharge of 20% will be applied to all products placed below the current published outer quantities.  We offer ‘outer quantity’ packs as a bulk buy option for example if you buy the outer quantity of 28mm Poles Apart Sphere finials, which is 2 (2 pairs) then you would receive a cheaper unit price than purchasing 1 pair.  

Adding to Your Order

Forgotten something?  You may call or email us to add to your order, alternatively you may raise a new order via our website.

Forward Order

Don't need the goods straight away? Place your orders in advance for despatch on a certain date. This way you don't need to store the goods yourself and you only pay for them once they are despatched. We advise that you consider allowing yourself 2 extra days for delivery to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

What happens if an item is not in stock?

When you place your order, you will see which items are in stock.  A message will appear next to all items which are out of stock, you will be unable to order the item, therefore they will not appear on your order.  You may wish to contact our sales team either by telephone 0161 925 8444 or email to discuss an availability date for the out of stock item.  Please note stock availability dates are estimates and may change without notice. Unfortunately, we can not hold back orders, therefore we kindly ask that you check the availability online when you place your next order or contact us for confirmation of stock availability on the date you have been given to re-order.


Return of goods by the retailer shall be the sole discretion of Speedy Products Ltd.  Where a return has been agreed all goods must be unopened and unused, so they may be returned to stock for resale.  Goods may be returned at the retailer’s cost and a credit for the goods will be passed upon their safe return.  If a retailer can not provide return transportation Speedy Products shall be entitled to raise a return charge to take into account the costs and charges of packing, insurance and transport.

Regional Sales Managers

If required we can arrange for a sales representative to visit you.  Please contact the sales office for details of your local representative, 0161 925 8444

Point of sale and Samples

Samples of products/colours are available on request; we ask that you contact a sales representative when placing sample orders as they carry many samples with them and they may be able to visit you and demonstrate the product, giving you the opportunity to try before you buy.  Alternatively, you may call the sales department to discuss samples and display stands, 0161 925 8444.   Where possible we offer store displays to promote your chosen range, these are known as tower stands.  We also offer product display stands to house retail packaged products, these are known as grid or value stands and information can be found on here on our website via our POS tab

Do we offer samples of the fabrics?

We offer small cut samples of the fabrics at a charge of £5 for one and £10 three samples. This is only offered on request via email or phone

Do we offer Roll prices for the fabrics?

We do offer roll prices which are available on request, via email or phone