Eco Policy

Environmental and Eco Logistics Initiatives    

Speedy Products Ltd are one of the first companies in the industry to establish a zero cardboard logistics system for all core product lines.  Our bulk products are packed within collapsible pallet boxes and small accessories are transported in reusable tote crates which are then returned to our manufacturing facility, Paloma in China for reuse.  

Wherever it has been possible, we have reduced the use of paper in our offices.  To help us move forward and stay green they are asking all customers to move over to paperless ordering and accounting, therefore it is now mandatory to provide a working email address for all correspondence to be sent to.   

All our individual product packaging now features fully recyclable PET plastics.  We have also eliminated non-recyclable labels and metal staples.  

We strive to achieve the ISO14001 by reducing waste packaging and cardboard for customers as well as utilizing energy efficient motion sensor lighting in both our UK and China facilities.  We have invested in energy efficient heating systems, solar panels and roof insulation, electric fork lift vehicles and hybrid motor vehicles for our personnel, which we hope to be full electric in the future.  All this helps us to maintain our low use of energy throughout our business.