Connect ALU Cassette Roman White Fixed Blind Kit 210cm - Drop 250cm - Retail Pack

CBA Cassette White ALU Fixed Roman Blind Kit 60cm - Drop 250cm

Retail pack includes:  

CBA Cassette ALU rOMAN

  • headrail with hook tape prefixed
  • end caps
  • metal clam lock supports
  • pulley house with chrome 100cm drop chain
  • max of 250cm cord drop
  • child safety p-clip
  • 4mm fiberglass rods
  • oval bottom weight bar
  • hook on cord toggles
  • loop tape
  • pocket tape
  • wall screws, plugs and warning labels


Certified EN13120

More Information
Material Aluminium
Blind Style Connect ALU Roman
Pack Format Retail
Blind Colour White
Blind Size 210cm
Blind Drop 250cm

Key Features

  • A complete cba cassette alu roman window blind kit 
  • Available in 6 sizes : 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm,210cm
  • Can be cut to size